The Monday Drop-In

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The Monday Drop-In is a friendly, relaxed and welcoming parent and carer social, with sling library and breastfeeding support available for those who want them.  Come along to meet other mums, dads and carers with little ones, and chat over a cuppa or even a full English Breakfast.

***** Important! Please keep reading to the bottom of the page! *****

Entry is free but we very much welcome donations as we have no other funding source – see below.

We want to maintain a calm environment for the babies, so if you have a toddler who needs to let off steam, Beech Hurst Gardens is right on the door step.

We’re here every Monday except bank holidays.

If you are coming for the sling library service, please try to avoid arriving just before the end of the session as this will limit the time we have available to spend with you, especially on particularly busy weeks.  We try to spread our time fairly between all the families attending, and work our way down the sign-in list in order.  If you arrive close to the end of the session, you are welcome to come in for the social, but we may not be able to see you for one-to-one support.

Infant Carrying Consultants Marianne and Helen are here to offer you information and support with carrying your baby in comfort and safety.  Infant Carrying Consultant Anna also joins us some weeks.  At a drop-in session, you can try one of our carriers if you wish, or you are welcome to bring your own carrier for a fitting or troubleshooting.  

Realistically, the carrying team often only have about 15 minutes with each family, which allows time for a demonstration, or trying one carrier, or fitting or troubleshooting one carrier of your own, as well as giving information about safety.  To actually teach you in depth how to use a sling or carrier, or to try more than one carrier, can often take longer than the time we have available at a busy public session. If this is what you would like to do, please enquire about a one-to-one consultation appointment.

Also, we do not demonstrate or fit for back carrying at drop-in sessions, as the environment needed for this is different; a one-to-one consultation appointment will be better suited to your needs.  If you want to learn to carry more than one baby/child at the same time, or you have other special circumstances, then again a one-to-one consultation appointment will suit your needs better, as we are very limited with time and space at the drop-in.  If in doubt, do contact Marianne to discuss your needs.

Sling/carrier hire is available – details are here: You’ll need to bring £5 cash for hire fee plus cash or cheque for the £50 deposit, and to read the Terms and Conditions here:

Breastfeeding support is available weekly from the highly experienced members of our breastfeeding support volunteers team.  Read more about our breastfeeding support Read more about our breastfeeding support service here.

You are of course very welcome to breastfeed or bottle feed your baby/child at The Monday Drop-In.

Our book library service is also available at The Monday Drop-In.

FREE ENTRY – DONATIONS WELCOME!  Sweet Wrappers does not receive any funding or sponsorship and is not affiliated to any company or organisation.  The only income we have is from donations and the small amount that comes in from sling/carrier hire and consultation fees.  We have yet to cover costs after several years of providing our services, so every penny that you contribute really does make a difference.  THANK YOU!

We have drinking water available in the room, but please feel free to buy other drinks from The Harvester. If you would like to order any breakfast items, the lovely Harvester staff will bring your food through to our room.

If you are RETURNING a sling or carrier, please do so before 11am to avoid late fees. This means the sling/carrier can be tried and hired again by another family.

FIND US in the function room to the right of the bar, past the salad bar. (Occasionally we’ll be in a quiet corner of the restaurant instead.  You’ll spot us easily.  Just come over and say hi!)

FREE PARKING in The Harvester Car Park. Do get in touch if you need further directions.

DONATIONS WELCOME - Sweet Wrappers is a Not-for-Profit enterprise, run by trained volunteers who take no payment for their time and expertise. Your donations help to keep this service possible.

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