“A huge thank you for a very very last minute hire with loads of help.   My son went to sleep on my front when out this morning then loved being on my back for three hours this afternoon, and as I’ve never back carried before it was wonderful and so comfy. Thank you for making my day so much easier and all the help.  You’re a star.”  Natalie, Haywards Heath

“Marianne is very knowledgeable about babywearing and was so helpful in talking us through the different sling options and in explaining to us the correct holding positions. As a result of our consultation with her, we have changed the way we carry our daughter and have found it so much easier and more comfortable. There is definitely a knack to mastering the technique and as we visited only a fortnight after I had given birth, I was a bit exhausted and found it quite difficult whereas my husband, with Marianne’s guidance, managed it almost instantly. Marianne showed so much patience and understanding with me and created a really comfortable environment, such that I then had the confidence to try it again. Needless to say both my husband and I now regularly wear our daughter and are very grateful to Marianne for all her help and advice.” Rhiannon and Johnathan, Furners Green
“Our own ABC carrier arrived yesterday so we will finally be giving our hired one back to Sweet Wrappers. A huge thank you to Marianne for helping us find the right carrier for myself, husband and baby M. Brilliant service!”  Susie, Lindfield

“Thank you Marianne for helping us perfect our choice of baby carrier. You’ve been so patient with all our questions and helped us really think through what we needed. It’s been tricky finding the right thing that suits us both and you’ve helped us through that minefield!”  Anna and Robert, Lindfield

“It was useful to get an understanding of the “M” knees above hips position, and experiment with Daniel being tighter on me. Your experience with children shines through, which is helpful to us, being new parents.”  James and Caroline, Forest Row

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