Videos & Instructions

Here’s a list of some of my favourite sling/carrier instruction videos.  I am indebted to the wonderful people behind these videos – all so much better in front of the camera than me, and demonstrating the various carries so clearly.    These videos are not intended as tutorials – they are shared here for use as reminders after in-person demonstration at a Sweet Wrappers event.


Pocket Wrap Cross Carry in a 2 way Stretchy Wrap by Sheffield Sling Surgery (suitable for use with both Hana Baby Wrap and Je Porte Mon Bebe stretchy wraps as hired by Sweet Wrappers)

Pocket Wrap Double Hammock in a 2 way Stretchy Wrap by Slingababy (suitable for use with both Hana Baby Wrap and Je Porte Mon Bebe stretchy wraps as hired by Sweet Wrappers)

Pocket Wrap Cross Carry in a 1 way Stretchy Wrap by Just Carry Sling Solutions (Suitable for stretchy wraps that only stretch in one direction, eg Moby, ByKay.  We don’t currently have any 1-way stretchy wraps at Sweet Wrappers, but if you have brought your own stretchy wrap along, this may be the relevant video for you.  Please note, the doll in this video has its legs spread rather wide and low, so if your baby is very young, you’ll need to keep their knees and feet more in line with their hips, and for all babies, their knees higher than their bottoms.)


Ring Sling Preparation and Tummy to Tummy Carry in  a Ring Sling by Sheffield Sling Surgery

Ring Sling Preparation and Hip Carry by Slingababy (suitable for older babies who comfortably spread their legs into a hip carry position when in your arms)


Front Carry with a Sleepy Nico – when the panel is too tall and too wide by Sheffield Sling Surgery (You can follow this video for a normal fit with a Sleepy Nico too – simply ignore the part about the cinching belt.  Please contact me for further clarification if needed.)

Front Carry with a Connecta by Connecta Baby Carrier (Also follow the technique shown on the Sleepy Nico video listed above, about pulling straps down then across.  This will help to keep the cross lower on your back and provide a better fit.)


Using a Mei Tai like a Podegai with a Newborn by Slingababy

Front Carry with a Mei Tai by Sheffield Sling Surgery (Please note, the Mei Tai in the video differs from the Hop Tye stocked by Sweet Wrappers, in that the Hop Tye does not have a waist band that needs to be turned in towards your waist when you first put it on.  With the Hop Tye, simply let the full panel hang down with the pattern facing into your waist, while you tie a double knot in the waist straps behind you.  Please ask if you need further clarification.)


Front Wrap Cross Carry the Easy Way with a size 6 woven wrap by Slingababy


Close Caboo Demo by Debbie Macdonald Watch this one first.  The first three minutes show how to set the carrier up to make a good fit more attainable.  

Close Caboo with Newborn by Sheffield Sling Surgery