Sling Library FAQ

How Do I Hire a Carrier?

  • Choose your carrier either:

*     With our help at The Monday Drop-In

*     With our help at a one-to-one carrying consultation

*     By browsing the sling library catalogue online

  • Read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. 

(You can read these at, or you can read a printed copy at The Monday Drop-In.)

  • Complete a hire form.
  • Pay the hire fee of £5 per carrier per week, in cash.
  • Pay the deposit of £50 per carrier, in cash or by cheque.
  • Take safety information leaflets, and the link to online video instructions, home with you.
  • Return the carrier by the agreed time and date.

What’s the difference between a ‘sling’ and a ‘carrier’?

The short answer is: none! Here at Sweet Wrappers, along with many people in the UK, we use the two terms interchangeably.  ‘Sling Library’ is becoming a well-known term, so we use that because it helps parents and carers find us when searching locally or online.  We have a wide range of slings/carriers, with various features.  You can browse the library catalogue on the website here:

Can you recommend, or help me choose, a carrier?

Carrying Consultant Marianne, and Peer Supporter Helen, are trained and experienced in supporting parents and carers to choose carriers.  We’ll talk with you about your own and your child’s needs and preferences, take into account your body size and shape, your child’s age and stage of development, how and where you might want to use the carrier, and other factors.  There’s no one ‘best’ carrier to suit everyone, or to suit any particular use, and we treat every parent and carer as an individual.

Can you help me with a particular need at The Monday Drop-In or would a one-to-one consultation be more appropriate?

Experience shows us that here are some circumstances in which a busy public session such as The Monday Drop-In would not be the most appropriate setting for you.  A one-to-one consultation will usually be more appropriate.   Examples include:

*        back carrying

*        carrying twins/multiples or more than one child

*        wanting to try several carriers in one session

Please do contact us to discuss your needs.  You can message us via the Sweet Wrappers Facebook page, or use the contact form on the website.

What if I can’t make it to The Monday Drop-In or I need more time than is available there?

Unless it’s a particularly quiet week at The Monday Drop-In, we will probably be limited to supporting each family to try one carrier in a session.  You are very welcome to come along to as many sessions as you wish and try something different every week. (We are a friendly social group for parents and carers, and The Harvester do great breakfasts, and you are just as welcome to join us for a chat and a cuppa as you are to try on carriers.).  You might also consider booking a one-to-one consultation appointment with Carrying Consultant, Marianne.  Details here:

Can you help me with my own carrier?

Yes, absolutely, as long as you remember to bring it with you!

Where can I find safety information?

You will be a given safety information leaflets when you sign in at The Monday Drop-In, and we will talk you through the safety checks for carrying a baby or child.  Please make sure you read the safety leaflets and keep them for future reference.

Where can I find instructions so that I can remember how to use the carrier I have hired?

The Sweet Wrappers website has links to excellent quality instructional videos which use the same techniques we teach. If we have taught you something different, we will offer to send you a link to an appropriate instruction.  Manufacturers’ own instructions can usually be found on their websites.

Why is there a hire fee and a deposit to pay?

We charge a small fee for hire because this money contributes towards purchasing and maintaining carriers, running the library, training and insurance costs.  Sweet Wrappers is Not-for-Profit and is run by trained volunteers. We take a deposit in order to secure some of the cost of replacing any carriers which go missing or are damaged.   We are happy to help you at the Drop-In free of charge, and there is no obligation to hire one of our carriers.

What other services does Sweet Wrappers offer?

Carrying Consultations & Workshops

Marianne offers one-to-one consultations and group workshops.

Breastfeeding Support

Available weekly from Breastfeeding Support Team at the Monday Drop-In (Sarah, Midwife; Sue, LLL Leader; Gemma, Birth & Postnatal Doula; Julie, Lactation Consultant)

Postnatal Doula Services

Marianne is a Mentored Postnatal Doula.  More info here:

The Monday Drop-In

We host a free social gathering at The Harvester in Haywards Heath, 10am – 12pm on Mondays.  We’re in the Function Room – turn right past the bar and keep going until just before the baby change and accessible toilet.  Come along to meet other parents and carers of babies and young toddlers.  (We want to maintain a calm environment for the babies, so if toddlers need to let off steam, Beech Hurst Gardens is right on the door step.)   Sling library and breastfeeding support are available weekly.  Free entry and free parking.  See website for details: